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The Fox in the Chicken CoopThe Fox in the Chicken Coop
Ric’s book, The Fox in the Chicken Coop, explains in common sense language the power of emotions and expectations to shape our beliefs, attitudes, and consequent behavior. It begins with the foundational relationship we have with our parents and progresses through life’s “high-stakes” relationships, including those we have with our teachers, bosses, spouses, children and God Himself.

You won’t want to miss
Relational Rule #1, the key to understanding God’s intent for relationship with His children and His desire for our physical, emotional, and relational health and well-being.

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FCM Publishing (2007)
ISBN-13: I978-0-9802386-0-0

Tape SetLife’s Relationships, Issues and Inner Healing
Audio CD Set
In 8 Sessions

A Layman’s Guide to Life’s Three High-Stakes Relationships: Parents and Self, Spouse and Self, God and Self.
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Audio CDs
FCM Publishing

September 10, 2010