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Mission and Ministry
The foundation of our ministry is our faith in God and His desire to be in relationship with us and to bless us. In order to accomplish His will and purpose here on earth, God has provided a structure, we believe, through the institution of the family. But, the family in our culture is in bad shape. We suffer from a profound fatherlessness and an increasing motherlessness. We are left adrift in a technologically complex society, which is becoming more and more dysfunctional. FCM is all about teaching and training individuals into God’s family principles, moving them from pain and dysfunction, away from blaming and manipulation, into wholeness, maturity and relationships that work.

From the beginning, our prayer has been that God would send to FCM those whom He chooses and prepares to benefit from our ministry. Although we have always worked with individuals who need a place to heal, our heart and main focus is for the healing of family relationships: husbands with their wives, as well as parents with their children.

The counseling process then becomes a means of walking through the thorny issues of our lives and relationships.

In addition to counseling, FCM offers marriage groups and weekend seminars in an effort to teach the basic how-tos of what we refer to as “life’s high-stakes relationships” (those with our parents, our spouses and God). We have available an eight-part CD series entitled “Life’s Relationships, Issues and Inner Healing.” Also available is Ric Bowser’s newly authored book, The Fox In the Chicken Coop, a key resource detailing the whys and how- tos of life’s relationships.

When defining our mission, the prophet Malachi says it best: “In the last days the hearts of the fathers will be turned to the children and the hearts of the children will be turned to the fathers."

September 10, 2010