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Family Counseling Ministries is a place of healing from life’s harsh emotional and spiritual encounters. 

This world all too often reveals to us its dark side of abuse and neglect. No one is really exempt from the messages of fear, guilt and shame used by this world’s systems. Those include family, school, church, work and peers. For many of us, it was our families of origin that proved unsafe to us as children. Often we experience more of the same dysfunction later in our marriages as adults.  Individuals and marriages can often “look good on the outside” but be coming apart on the inside.  Most of us reason that if we are just patient and make a few adjustments, in time things will be better. But what happens when things don’t get better? What happens when we realize that we don’t know how to “fix it”?  What do we do when nothing is changing? Where do we turn?

Family Counseling Ministries (FCM) was created to be a place where we identify the core issues of our lives, come to an understanding of our own personal and relational issues, and become aware of the effects of our heritage and childhood beliefs. It is a place where we can connect with the creator of the universe, come into a relationship with Him, and literally receive the inner healing we desperately need. So, welcome to FCM. We truly desire to provide a place for your healing and restoration…a place where you can come into an understanding of who you really are (maybe for the first time in your life).



September 10, 2010
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